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At Sword Fighting International, we've taken the exciting and elegant Olympic sport of fencing; extracted the focus, strategy and tactics relevant to modern business, and created unique and unusual fencing-based team building events that are memorable, motivating and great fun!

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Energise your top people: FTSE 100 CEO v Country Manager Short sharp sessions to engage first meetings Sword Fighting Themes can be tailored to your hit your event objectives Excitement of Duel for high volume of spectators

Benefits of Fencing Activities

Team building/motivation Fun for all, our fencing activities energise team members and create a memorable event that will re-invigorate all towards the company's goals.

Development of Communication Skills The most effective teams are the ones that recognise their own and others' behavioural and communication styles and adapt accordingly. Our Get the Point! programme weaves team-based experiential learning around PRISM Brain Mapping, to build self-awareness and highly effective, communicating teams.

Talent Identification Latent attitudes, behaviours, skills and capabilities are more easily identified in an experiential team activity - we can help your business identify leaders and other high performing executives. Our Get the Point! Programme is particularly suitable for this.

Change Management For some people, adapting to change comes easily and it can be difficult for them to understand why others, including their direct reports, cannot adapt in the same way.

Although many people have seen fencing in the Olympics, few have tried it. This creates a level playing field where all participants have to adapt to something new. Post-activity analysis can help managers understand what their teams might be going through when change is enforced upon them.

Staff Retention Companies known for their benefits as well as their financial packages will both build loyalty and attract the best talent. Team building and motivational activities which are fun, new and challenging help to build a buzz about your organisation.

Sales Training The strategies and tactics of fencing are directly relevant to key sales concepts such as focussing on targets and understanding your competition, and can help demonstrate these fundamental objectives in a fun, experiential way.

Experiential learning People learn better by experiencing something than by just being told about it - your company's message can be engrained more effectively, yet subtly when entwined with our swordfighting experience.

Mental stimulation and relaxation The multi-faceted aspect of fencing provides an activity that stimulates 'thinking' as well as 'doing'. The high levels of concentration required in fencing ensures total immersion in the activity, refreshing and clearing the brain of other stresses and concerns. Particularly useful in intense meeting situations where difficult issues need to be debated, or creative scenarios where 'blue sky' thinking is required.



"Very enjoyable - good to laugh together"

Merrill Lynch (now BlackRock)

"Fun! Surprising and different."


"Excellent staff and approach. Highly recommended for team building."

Trading Partners

"I would always recommend you to anyone looking for a fun and different challenge."
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BT Financial

"Something different - great fun"


"The Sword Fighting was the highlight of the conference. It was unique and very well run" Click here for pictures

Fortune 100 IT Company

"Great fun and well organised"
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SeeFilmFirst on behalf of Disney

"The whole event was a resounding success"


"Interesting and challenging... We certainly recommend Sword Fighting International to organizations seeking a professionally managed team building and business coaching event with a difference!"

Action Focus

"I can now see how fencing can help me keep fit as well as develop my strategic skills."

Merchant Cash Express

Enjoyable and informative great session, great fun thanks!
Thoroughly enjoyed it Director and Team - Merchant Cash Express

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Recent quote from olympic sponsor BMW:

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Thanks so much for all your hard work and support in Spain. It was a great pleasure to meet you and I know that the media will remember for a very long time (as will I) those fencing battles in the courtyard. Superb. Your enthusiasm and eloquence ensured that everybody got maximum enjoyment out of the encounter with a new sport. I have since been inspired to watch some of those YouTube fencing clips which you suggested. Amazing stuff."

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